Sunday, August 9, 2009

If you wanna

I'm willing and would enjoy to take any requests, I 'm between stories and I'm kind of hesitant where I wanna take Fifi next. I have an idea or two if I dont get any requests soon but If anyone has an idea for a story I'd rather do that first. Thnx all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fifi's lesson in love

fifi la fume was on the prowl as she chased down what she thought to be another potential boyfriend who was really furball cat who had managed to get skunk striped yet again.

"Come back to my arms my irresistible romeo!" fifi said as she closed in. Furball had gone through similar circumstances before and he'd trained while on the Looniversity track team to make sure he'd never be caught in fifi's tight embrace again. He kicked his run into high gear and disappeared over the horizon. Fifi stopped and sobbed. " Moi loses more cute boy skunks zat way."

The next day in school fifi walked around with her head bowed, as if she'd lost all reason to be happy. "Feef whats wrong", Babs said as she walked up with shirley. " Moi 'as lost another chance at amour, Le sigh, Moi does not know eef I can go on like zees."Babs got a light bulb over her head. "Hey feef what about that guest speaker we're having in our Toon romance class." Babs said. "Yea that'll like totally channel your negative vibes away" Shirley added. Fifi wiped away her tears and hugged them. " vous are ze best friends a skunk could ever have."

When it was time for Toon romance class fifi walked in with her head high, took a deep breath and said " Viva l'amour". Inside she did a double take when she saw who the speaker was. It was none other than Minerva Mink. Fifi became excited. If anyone could teach her about snaring guys it would be Minerva. She had every Male toon in the room lusting for her as well as all the male teachers looking into the room. Fifi took a seat and listened to what Minerva had to say. "Well toonsters if I've learned anything while being a gorgeous mink its not about how good you look but its about how good you make yourself look..." She went on about attitude and eye fluttering being key. By the end of the speech the male toons were sad the class was over but fifi felt like she needed more of Mineva as well. As the class was dismissed Fifi approached Minerva. "Meez Mink, I was wondering eef I could ask you for some pointers." Minerva looked at her. She knew in a contest She'd beat out fifi in looks and attractiveness..mostly due to the fact she was older and more developed, but she saw alot of potential. Most of the female toons in the looniversity had sat in on the Speech and of them She pegged fifi as the most beautiful. In some ways she saw a younger her in Fifi. "What can I do for you ms..? La fume. fifi La fume is my name, and I wanted advice on how vouz gets all ze guys. Whenever I find ze guys I like ze alwayz play ze how you say...hard to get." Minerva understood. " Any other issues?" Minerva asked politely. " I am..also ..uncontrollable around le male skunk fatales." Minerva smiled hopefully. "Well it just so happens I have a soft spot for you ms La fume, and I'll be glad to help. I think what we need is a little one on one training...Minerva style.

The first destination on their training was to the Burbank mall. " Ok fifi I want you to watch me get guys attention but watch my technique and remember several things as you observe me like..Let the guys chase you not the other way around, and Pretty gets their attention but the right attitude keeps them coming back for more."Fifi nodded dutifully. All her life she'd followed the examples of her Mentor Pepe le pew and although she never questioned those methods it was nice to have a female role model for once.

Minerva slowly strutted through the storefronts of the mall, garnering male attention with every sway of her hips. With every step, she showed anyone watching that she was a force to be reckoned with.

A young wolf with considerable courage jumped in front of her. With flowers outstretched he asked: " Would you go on a date with me?"She fluttered her eyelashes and giggled flirtatiously and then continued walking. The wolf followed, begging and pleading but no matter how much Minerva ignored him he trailed on like a lost puppy.

Minerva gestured to Fifi, as if to mimic her performance. Fifi gushed with glee. Fifi composed herself and followed with a similar swaying, and carrying an attitude of elegance. She got attention from nearly all the males, more than either she or Minerva expected. There were hoots and hollers, and many onlookers focused on her swaying tail." Well now, it's a wonder why all the boys run away with moves like that", Minerva said. Fifi blushed." Time for a change of scenery " Minerva said excitedly.

Their next stop was Acme park." Ok So we know you've got what it takes to drive the boys crazy, now we just have to find one that you want to drive crazy." Fifi frowned slightly. "Whenever I want to find ze cute boy skunks ze are alwayz playing ze hide while I seek." Minerva took this into consideration. Then she looked around the park." Why don't you pick one of your classmates to practice on. You don't have to be madly in love with him, but pick someone you think is even remotely attractive so it doesn't totally stink." Then fifi looked around. Buster and plucky were dating her friends so they were out." Fowlmouth and gogo way. Then she spied Calamity coyote buried in a book. Like Minerva said, she wasn't madly in love with him but he had a certain nerdy cuteness in her eyes that would make her want him if he were a skunk. Minerva noticed her looking at him and urged her on. " Go get her tiger...I mean know what I mean."

Fifi strode over daintily to where calamity was sitting. He didn't notice her until she slid up next to him. She put her hands on the book he was reading and set it aside. She lay her head on his lap and looked into his eyes sensually." Do vous think moi, Calamity?" Calamity went from his normal grey to a beat red , with sweat trickling down his entire body. As he looked down at Fifi, she fluttered her eyes lightly to send shivers of delight up his spine. Impulsively and somewhat hopefully, he leaned in to Kiss her but she rolled off him and teasingly skipped away. His eyes followed her as she moved farther and farther away and she turned back and winked at him. He fell back and fainted blissfully. When Fifi came back to Minerva's side Minerva gave her a high five. "No man or Skunk could resist that!"

To celebrate Fifi's progress the two of them went to get an Ice cream at an Ice cream parlor outside the park. As they enjoyed their treat, they heard a noise from an alley next to them. A garbage can rolled out and and Furball crawled out, Skunk stripe still intact. Instinctively, fifi jumped out of her seat, ready to pounce but Minerva calmly grabbed fifi by the tail and yanked her back. "Ah Ah Ah", Minerva said, wagging a finger. " Have you learned nothing from me?" Fifi knew she was right. fifi grabbed a hanker chief from a table outside of the parlor and stood near furball's line of sight. She dropped it coyly. " Le sigh, eef only le big, strong, man could 'elp me pick up my 'ankerchief." When her dulcet voice passed through Furball's ears, whether he remembered or cared that she was a skunk was irrelevant, because he wanted her. He put some breath spray in his mouth and dashed to her side. He picked up the hankerchief and handed it to her. She fluttered her eyes." How can mois ever s'ank you?" She readied herself for a Kiss, outstretching herself towards him so he knew what she wanted. Furball grabbed her and kissed her with the intensity that fifi normally used. It could have been a happy ending but unlike fifi flirting with calamity, when fifi was attracted to another skunk or what she thought was one, her odor couldn't stay away. Furball pulled back as the stench filled his nostrils to the point of Nausea. As if waking from a dream he unwrapped himself from fifi's arms and ran in the other direction. " Now that you know he's interested go get him girl!" Minerva cheered enthusiastically. fifi hopped swiftly in furball's direction. "I am going to catch you my greek god of love!" As Minerva watched on she sighed: "Ain't love grand?"

That's all folks!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cyclone crush

It Was a normal spring day in Acme Forest. Walking through the woods were the stars of Tiny toons, Buster and Babs (No relation). As the walked hand in hand Babs turned to Buster and said: " Hey Buster, do you think I'm pretty?" Buster just stared off dreamily. Babs stretched open Busters ear and yelled:"Earth to Buster! Your girlfriend standing here and we're all alone i nthe woods!" Buster SHrugged and said: " I'm sorry what did you say Babs? I was just thinking of last weeks baseball game with Perfecto Prep." Babs became Furious. "Buster, Could we for once do something Romantic and together instead of always me doing impressions and you dreaming about sports?" Buster walked ahead a little. " Oh Ok..we'll do something else..even though thats what I love about you." Babs hung on the word love and her anger disappeared. She did a spin change and emerged dressed as Jessica Rabbit. Buster did a wild take and grabbed Babs in his arms. "Forget my mind was ever anywhere else," and he kissed babs passionately.

No sooner did the kiss start the two of them began to hear a rumblign sound. Then the groudn began to vibrate. Animals began running past them and the looked in the distance to see a cloud of smoke and tree's falling left and right. Finally when the smoke got closer they realized it wasn't smoke but a purple tornado. The tornado stopped spinning and Dizzy devil stood in front of them. " Wahahjkahh, mmm me love having bunnies for lunch." Buster and Babs looked at each other and then towards the audience. " don't you hate it when the plots obvious", babs said. "Well I have a plan", buster said. He began to whisper in Babs ear. " It's Terrible, Gruesome, Horrific...but ..I love it", Babs said comically. Buster Turned to Dizzy. "Here's The deal Dizzy old pal, If you can catch us you can have us." Dizzy nodded and they all sped off towards the city of Acme Acres.

Buster and Babs headed for the Acme Paint company.Buster Ran through one entrance and came out with a can of black paint. Then he stood on the side of the entrance waiting for Dizzy. Then Babs went to the roof with a can of white paint and stood over the entrance buster was waiting at. Their plan was ready.

Dizzy spins his way through the biulding and when he came out on the other side Buster immediately splashed him with the black paint covering him completley. Then He yelled: "Now!". Babs standing in position poured the white paint down over his back in a striaght line, completing their plan to make Dizzy look like a Skunk.

Dizzy, Unsure of whats happening contineus to chase them as Babs jumps down to rejoin buster as they lead him through the city. When the Acme dump comes into site, Buster lead babs through to escape. Dizzy watches them go in and doubles his spin speed. He enters the dump and looks around. "Where did Bunny's go?" Then from behind him he hears asultry french accent say: "Forget ze bunny's mon plus grande Skunk hunk, take mois!" Dizzy turns around just in time for Fifi la fume to jump into his arms. She begins an assault of kisses on him. " Oh mon amour, do not fight ze sweet passion, just embrace it..and mois." At first Dizzy is flattered and doesn't try to fight her off but as she continues to kiss him her odor, strong as ever, catches his nose. His eyes begin to tear and he tries to pull her off. Finally he unlatches from her grip yelling: "Ah Skunk!" and runs away leaving her lying on the ground. " Come back my leetle onion blossom, our love eez just beggining to bloom, no?"

Dizzy remembering Fifi as his classmate after the odor arose remember that she would chase anything and anyone that looked like a skunk until they were caught for good. He knew he had to hide. Then he saw a dumpster and jumped in closing the lid quickly. In the dark he panted his fears away. Then Dizzy lit a match to see what was around him. Next to him was fifi and she pulled him in for a kiss. "Love cannot be discarded so easily ay?"Dizzy jumped out of the garbage and dashed away." Ee eez so handsome when he runs like zat."

No place would be good enough for him to hide so Dizzy ran to a hardware store to get paint remover. At the counter was buster in disguise. "Me need Paint remover, quick!" Buster handed him a can that said paint adehesive but with the words crossed out and rewritten as paint remover. The adhesive would make it almost impossible to remove the paint. Dizzy began to open the can but buster stopped him. "Don't do it here in the store where you'll make it a mess, do it over there." Buster pointed across the street to the dump where fifi's cadillac could be seen. "Do it in the dump and clean urself up in that car." Dizzy followed busters directions and poured the adhesive onto himself . As he walked into the car he rubbed his eyes as some of the adhesive had been uncomfortable and in doing this he did not notice that no paint had come off him. Inside the car he noticed a dresser with a mirror. He looked at the mirror and was shocked when he noticed that not only was he still decked out as a skunk but that fifi was right behind him. She locked the door of the car and then wrapped them both in her tail kissing him as she pulled him closer. The car filled with the fumes from her tail and from the outside buster and bab looked in. " Should we help him?" Babs said as they watched dizzy struggle tryign to pull away. "You know what they say Babsy, when the Cadillac's a rockin, don't come a knockin."

That's all folks!